Rozhen NAO is equipped with four telescopes: a universal 2m Ritchey-Chretien-Coude (RCC) reflector made by Carl Zeiss, Jena; 50/70cm Schmidt-camera; 60cm reflector by Zeiss, Jena and “home-made” 15cm solar coronagraph. Observations of wide class of astronomical and astrophysical problems – from investigations of solar system bodies till extragalactic objects are obtained here: asteroids and comets; spectra of different kinds of stars; stellar clusters; nearby and distant galaxies and quasars, etc.



Technical documentation,

User manuals




Others light-receivers.









2m RCC-telescope


Optical design;

User manual (PDF 941 KB)

About the package TPOINT (PDF 804 KB, Bulgarian)

User manual for the old control system (archive, HTML 730 KB)


CCD-camera VersArray 1300B

CCD-camera Photometrics CE200A


Coude spectrograph 



Cassegrain-telescope “Zeiss-600”


Optical parameters, photos



CCD-camera FLI  PL 9000




50/70 cm Schmidt-telescope


Optical parameters, photos


User manual (Bulgarian)



CCD-camera FLI  PL 16803

CCD-camera SBIG STL-11000M




15 cm Coronagraph


Solar Observations in Bulgaria


SectorSun (Bulgarian, PDF, 685 KB)




A Visitor center


About the Center


30 cm Meade telescope – photogallery








CCD-camera VersArray 1300 B


Sponsored by UNESCO - ROSTE


1340x1300 active pixels,  20x20 μm pixel size


 Documentation (PDF, 122 KB);


Documentation (HTML č JPG,  820 KB).



CCD-camera Photometrics CE200A


1024x1024 active pixels,  24x24 μm pixel size


User manual (bulgarian)




CCD-camera SBIG STL-11000M


4008x2672 active pixels,  9x9 μm pixel size


The camera - appearance


QE-curve (new window)


To SBIG WEB-page




CCD-camera FLI  PL 16803


4096x4096 active pixels,  9x9 μm pixel size


For this camera


Camera instalation guide (PDF,  720 KB) 


Work guide (GSview PS, 14.34 kB, bulgarian)


QE-curve (new window)


To WEB-site of Finger Lakes Instrumentation






CCD-camera FLI  PL 9000


3056x3056 active pixels,  12x12 mm pixel size


User manual (bulgarian, PDF, 248 KB)


QE-curve (new window)






Vessel for liquid Nitrogen 50 L.


User manual (bulgarian)




Others light-receivers





Coude-spectrograph of the 2-m RCC-telescope


User manuals. Author: dr. Dimitar Kolev (Bulgarian only)


Part 1: Preparation for work  (PDF, 1.5 MB);


Part 2: The work place  (PDF, 1.3 MB);


Part 3: Software „4Ŕ”  (PDF, 2.1 MB);


Spectral atlas of the Thorium standard lamp.


Basic knowledge on the high-resolution astrospectroskopy and the reguired instrumentation  (PDF, 1.3 MB)


Optical design of the Coude-spectrograph;


Guide-system for the Coude-spectrograph.



Two-channel focal reducer “FoReRo 2”


Optical design and parameters (bulgarian)



Auto-Guide for the RC-focus of the 2m RCC-telescope


User manual  (Bulgarian, DOC, 1.9 MB);


Methods of catch a star (bulgarian).




More information for the Oobservatory







Maps and routes to NAO-Rozhen